Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still waiting to win the lottery or marry well...

Elizabeth - Thanks for this. Appreciate your follow-up here.

Do Pete and Bob have visibility to this? Want to be sure all is in alignment from a comms perspective.

Thanks much!

This is the kind of e-mail I get all day long that makes me want to reach through my computer and choke the sender.

Thanks much
Lack of the word "I"

If she had thrown in a "reach out" or "ping" or "engagement model" I for sure would have thrown my computer through the window.


Mama Bree said...

ha! I use "ping" all the time. I also use "bandwidth" (as in, do you have the bandwidth to get xyz done?)

and yes, I'm an Engagement Manager. ;-P

Elizabeth said...

IIIIIII know, but I like you enough to overlook that Bree. ;-)

Leslie said...

Umm I'm annoyed by "Ping" as well...however I've gotten over it as EVERYONE in my MBA program uses the term =p. I have NOT gotten over people using "Best" as a closing though for e-mails...that totally annoys me