Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Douchebags and Hipsters

I was the lone hipster at an outdoor douchebag convention.

*I* wasn't. Some guy on Craigslist Missed Connections was.

I was at said douchebag convention, but I don't qualify as a hipster for any number of reasons. The Talbots skirt I'm wearing today, for example. You'd think the Talbots skirt (complete with with white eyelet trim) would mean that I was one of the douchebags, and that may hav been true ten years ago, but now I'm Team OH MY GOD GET ME AWAY FROM THE KIDS IN THE BEER GARDEN!

I'm mature and shit now, duh.

My pal Walkera and I decided to check out the Union Street Festival on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, we had time on our hands, so why not? Except that ohhhhhhhhhh dear...Mr. Lone Hipster wasn't really was a douchebag convention.

Sometimes I'm like "The Marina gets a bad can't be THAT bad" and then I go to the Marina and I'm reminded that YES, IT IS that bad. It was a bonanza of drunk chicks in maxi dresses and drunk men in popped collars.

We spent the whole time going " do they tell each other apart? They all look exactly the same to me!"

But back to the Missed Connection:

The thing that caught my attention was the hipster part. I reguarly roll my eyes at the hipsters in the Mission drinking their coffee and wearing their ironic t-shirts and eating escargot out of taco trucks, but I think the douchebaggery is increased tenfold when you SELF-IDENTIFY as a hipster.

Blah blah blah.

This is the third entry I've started today and I'm determined to actually click publish so pretend there's a profound or witty wrap-up here.

I'm hot but I can't take off my jacket because the shirt I'm wearing underneath is unflattering, I want a Diet Dr Pepper but I have to go to Weight Watchers in less than two hours and I don't want the unnecessary 12 ounces, I've been here since 7AM and I'm READY TO LEAVE.

So in about 11 minutes I'm going to be in my car, headed to Santa Clara to give my SIL my opinion on the fabric she bought for her new valances, which is 1,000 times better than sitting here and waiting for it to be WW time.


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