Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I take my dental care very seriously.

1. I had this picture of my mom and Baby as my desktop on my work computer for like ten minutes but I had to remove it because I kept stopping what I was doing so I could go back and look at it and then I'd get all teary because HE IS SO WONDERFUL.

2. My 15th high school reunion is on Saturday. Cue the teenage angst flashbacks. At least I've learned the value of eyebrow maintenance since then.

3. I forgot to put on deodorant today. I've never been a stank-master or anything so I'm sure I'll be fine, but I can't help but sneak whiffs JUST IN CASE. Let's all cross our fingers that nobody catches me.

4. I just made plans to go to bottomless mimosa brunch with my friends John and Tony. John was like "I hope I get to read about myself on your blog again" and I was like "Lady, if bottomless mimosas are involved, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!"

4a. Hiiiiiiiiii, John!

So look for a bottomless mimosa related update sometime after July 19th.

5. I am losing my part time job, which is a bummer because I liked working for the site, but they needed me to be available overnight and for more hours per week that I was comfortable with so we're parting ways at the end of this month. Mama's got a mortgage to pay and I can't monkey around with my ability to meet my day job obligations.

The silver lining is twofold:

A. I am now available for bottomless mimosa brunches.

B. I am now available for almost unlimited baby squeezing.

6. Two facts:

A. I love my dentist.

B. I have crappy insurance and my out-of-pocket for my cleaning/exam will be $110.

This means that until I get a new gig with less-retarded insurance, I have to find a new dentist. This is shocking, especially if you're familiar with how much I love Dr. Dan. I've been seeing him since I was like 19 or 20 so this is a SERIOUS breakup. Sniff, sniff.

This ALSO means that because my teeth are fine and have always been fine and I won't need any serious dental techniques performed on my mouth, I will be selecting my next dentist based on looks.

Hottie dentists of the world, HERE I COME!


Sarah said...

I am breaking up with my dentist of 13 years in a couple weeks b/c I am no longer covered by my parent's insurance come July and let me tell you I love my dentist.

sally said...

You can't break up with Dr. Dan! The Joan will just have to take photos every time she goes.

I keep deo in my desk. Oh yeah. I have forgotten too many times.

That baby is just precious.