Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spark Science: Still hits my funny bone after all these years!

Does anyone remember Spark Science?

I used to keep up with thespark.com back in the olden days but they're defunct now -- the guys sold the site and all the stuff on it to Barnes & Noble who, I'm sad to say, wiped it clean and all the magic of Spark Science was gone.

I've searched for some of the classics before and wasn't ever able to come up with anything so I cried little tears but I knew that I'd keep the Stinky Feet in my heart for years to come.

THEN LAST WEEKEND I was watching Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist and there was a concert scene and I did a double-take because the band was Bishop Allen! I've never really been into them but this is notable because Bishop Allen is made up of the guys behind the original Spark Science projects.

So that got me thinking about it all again and I re-Googled and YAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAY! Thanks to the magic of the internet, I present to you, Spark Science!!!

Stinky Meat

Stinky Feet

Stinky Meat II (my least favorite, but definitely part of the collection)

The Fat Project

Date My Sister

The sites aren't live or anything so some of the pictures are dead, but YAY for the Waybackmachine!


Lizzie said...

Yes! I loved the Spark, and I love Bishop Allen on their own merits, and I love that I don't have to love them just because "oh, I liked those guys when they were the Spark." haha. I do NOT, however, love the films of Andrew Bujalksi, which star many of the Sparkers.

Have we ever discussed how the Spark HQ was right here in my neighborhood and my friend Moria and I were always on the look-out for them?

Nerd comment!

Elizabeth said...

@ Lizzie V.!

I was actually thinking about you when I was typing this because I was pretty sure you are within spitting distance of the old Spark HQ...but considering these are like nine years old and you're such a teeny, weenie baby, I wasn't sure if you were around back in the day.

AND THEN I was wondering if maybe you had the indie rock connection through G and if you did, I was gonna suggest you get a tongue picture STAT!

Lizzie said...

I was still in college, but I went to college here too so yes, I was in town!

Yeah, I don't have any "official" connections to the band, but since they're a band that started in Boston, I know we have people in common. Someday I'll run into one of them and get a photo. :P Just like that.

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