Tuesday, July 28, 2009


1. I am so glad that Jillian picked Ed. If she didn't want him, I'd have been FIRST IN LINE. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then never mind.

2. My brother just called to tell me that Laurina's work schedule got switched up so that now they're both working the same overnight shifts and CRAP they need to figure out a child care plan and I was like OMG GIVE ME THAT BABY I WANT TO TAKE CARE OF HIM! So maybe...we'll see. I will sleep with him in his crib if I have to.

3. My parents have been less than inspired when coming up with Family Night menus lately because my mom is a crazy picky eater and we are doing Weight Watchers and Sarah is a vegetarian (pescatarian, I guess because she does eat fish but that just sounds toooooo hippie dippie so I'd rather say "vegetarian who eats fish") and we often end up with bbq'd chicken and shrimp and salad. That's lovely and all, but not every week, so last week I put myself in charge of dinner and we had turkey tacos, fish tacos and a hearts of palm, tomato and avocado salad:

My mom is not a taco eater but she likes all the things that go INTO tacos but you put them all together and call it a taco and she'll suddenly think that it's too spicy and OMG SHE MIGHT DIE. But I know my audience so I substituted paprika for the chili powder in the fish recipe and TA DA! Not spicy, but still pretty. It was salty though, which is saying something if *I'M* the one calling it salty. Rachael Ray's recipe called for two tablespoons of salt but that seemed like a lot so I halved it and it was still too salty.

I loved the hearts of palm salad but it was too adventurous for the family so 80% of it ended up in the trash. Poor avocados and tomatoes and hearts of palm. I'd totally make it again, but not for the family.

4. This book was RIDICULOUS:

Madonna's brother is a martyr who complains and then complains some more. I didn't pay for it though so if anyone wants to read it next, please allow me to pass this copy along instead of giving that complainer any money. And if my brothers become world wide pop stars, MARK MY WORDS, I will never complain that they don't book me in a suite when we travel.

5. I've been skewering a lot of things lately:

This one turned out to be something I'd probably feed to other people (unlike most of the food I cook for myself). In fact, maybe my family will soon be enjoying grilled mushrooms, red onions and turkey sausage at an upcoming Family Night!

6. That video I posted last week? I couldn't wait to try out the banana opening technique so when I saw bananas at my local coffee joint the other day, I bought one and documented the process.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:


The only problem with this method is that I've NEVER been one to eat all the way down to the end of a banana because I hate the idea of eating that black stem thing and this method forces you to actually do something about the black stem thing before you can eat your banana. However, I am frequently banana challenged and this method was lickety split easy so I might have to get over myself and just eat the black thing.

7. Sometimes the predictive searches that come up when I'm tying something into Google really kill me:

8. My iPhone sucks at the far away detail shots but that black thing standing above that chick in the yellow shirt is Huey Lewis:

We have family visiting from England right now and Lyn is like Huey Lewis's ONLY English mega fan so when they figured out when they were coming to visit, we figured out of Huey would be touring anywhere nearby so she could get her fix. The closest show was at the Lake Tahoe Music Festival and I like Huey enough to drive her up there so we went!

It was a whirlwind trip -- there and back in one day -- but it was totally worth it. The concert was held on a golf course in Truckee and it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL (as most things in the Tahoe area are) and I'd love to do it again next year, but I'd like to spend the night up there so I could join in on the wine drinking and not have to drive home.

Lyn was amazed at the elaborate picnics people brought and how much drinking was going on (it was BYO wine and picnic, but you could buy wine and BBQ there if you wanted to), which I guess makes sense because they couldn't have outdoor events like that in England. But here? HECK YEAH people here go to town with the wine and the cheese and the delicious looking things being pulled out of coolers all around us.

The only thing that kinda put a damper on the night was that the organization of the event was kinda hokey pokey and the earlier you got there (as we did), the further away from the actual venue you had to park and you couldn't really just walk there so you had to wait for shuttles, which were slow in coming. But okay, fine, we can be patient...except that DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS when you get a few thousand old, wealthy, white people together? THEY BITCH TO NO END about the "public transportation" (uhhh..they were Northstar ski shuttles...it was a VERY FAR CRY from the horrors of Muni, for example) and about the INJUSTICE of having to park so far away when the people who got here later got to park closer and OH MY GOD LET'S ALL BITCH ABOUT IT TOGETHER!

I wanted to respect my elders and I didn't want to embarrass Lyn but if the shuttle hadn't come when it did, I would have told them all to SHUT THEIR FACES BECAUSE YES, I THINK WE ALL UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT HAPPY!

They got each other allllll riled up, I tell you.

The ring leader was a PIECE OF WORK, WHO, as it turns out, didn't even have a "preferred" ticket like we did and no matter what time she got there, she would have been in the back. Some people really just complain to complain and boy howdy, it's unattractive.

But once we escaped that lady and her "THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE *WILL* BE HEARING ABOUT *THIS*!" drama, we settled into our sand chairs (the required BYO seating) and people watched.

And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Internet...the people watching was awesome. I could go on and on but I'll just summarize:

A. They all looked the same: The men in Tommy Bahama shirts and the women with complicated hairdos, collagen-filled lips (with lip liner) and big diamonds on their fingers. Mutton dressed as lamb, my mother would say.

B. I'd be willing to bet they were all on their 2nd marriages, at least.

C. We were playing "Spot the Under 40s" and there were a few, but they were ALL with their parents.

D. It's well established that white guys can't dance, right? Well imagine OLD white guys trying to dance. It's a sight to see.

But really, it was a warm, beautiful, perfect night, we were super close to Huey but not so close that we could see his wrinkles, and I'd totally love to go back again.


Susan said...

2. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! As someone who watched her niece for 2 years while their parents worked, I can tell you that it is as wonderful as you imagine it would be to spend that much time with your nephew. Even if it is only overnights, it would be worth it. Cheesy as it sounds, it develops a really close bond with the child. Also, there is no one in the world who would care for that kid as well as you (or another close relation).

3. I am so jealous of your culinary skills! Between picky eating and dietary restrictions, I have given up on cooking for anyone but me, and even for me, I usually take the easy way out. I wish I had the creativity to come up with the dishes you do.

Elizabeth said...

@Susan: I KNOW! I hope it works out because I love that baby so much I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him and change his diaper.

I told my brother that I'd LOVE to do it but that also, I'd do anything to keep him from having to go to daycare and he was like "Uhh, they don't have daycare AT NIGHT, Rocket Scientist." Doi.

And re: the cooking skillz, I'm really not creative...I just subsribe to a couple of cooking magazines and I tear things out that look delicious. Alls you have to do is read the directions!

Lauren Marie said...

#1 - Is it my imagination or did you run out of veggies and substitute pieces of cantaloupe on the end of that last skewer?

#2 - Did you pay 95 cents for a banana at Starbucks just to test the banana-peeling thing? No matter how desperate I am for a banana - and sometimes I am desperate for a banana - I can't bring myself to pay them 95 cents for one. Not when they are 59 cents a pound at Winco.

#3 - Isn't it awesome, being an aunt? I used to babysit A LOT when the girls were babies and Kelly and Eric were in school but I got burned out after a while ... I love them to pieces but that was a little TOO hands-on for me. Of course, now that we are all older and wiser, I seem to have developed more patience and can tolerate more ... It also helps that the girls are older now and I can communicate with them. I'm catching onto the baby thing again with Tyson pretty quickly, though.

Lauren Marie said...

P.S. Can I please come over for dinner the next time you make the hearts of palm, tomato and avocado salad? That sounds incredible!

Lauren Marie said...

P.P.S. There is too nighttime daycare! Google it!

Elizabeth said...


Yep, that's cantaloupe -- I've been putting pineapple on skewers but I was all out so I tried another fruit. I can report that cantaloupe is better raw.

I paid ONE WHOLE DOLLAR for that banana at a non-Starbucks cafe by my house. I did consider the fact that they're only 19 cents at Trader Joe's but this was all in the name of science.

Nighttime daycare makes me sad. No way will I allow that to happen to my sweet baby.

Lauren Marie said...

Now I want bananas. I guess I need to go to the store.

And I'm not saying you should tell your brother to take the baby to nighttime daycare ... I just wanted you to know it exists. :-)