Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things Not to Discuss on a Job Interview: Religion, Politics and Michael Jackson


Here's where I say RIGHT AT THE TOP that I know pllllllllenty of people are passionate about the opinion opposite of mine and I'd like to say we can agree to disagree except I really just don't think there are any "Yeah buts" that can justify outpouring of grief and sympathy for Michael Jackson.

That said, my platonic life partner, the handsome and talented Mr. Daniel Pieracci, tweeted this article about Michael Jackson and I have to say, I CONCUR:

Some of the points the author makes are kinda harsh, but not unfounded. I'm specifically thinking about how we'd throtttttle anyone who could overlook Hitler's later-in-life activities because, in his youth, he united Germany. Molesting (allegedly) a handful (?) of children is not as bad as dehumanizing and murdering millions of people, but I understand the logic. (Though I'm finding it difficult to say that child molestation is better than something else, but few versus many and all...)

I was SO ANNOYED yesterday because of all the "I hope Michael Jackson knows what a profound, magical influence he was on the universe and that he is up in Heaven listening to all the beautiful things the world has to say about him" posts on Facebook and I had to close the www and focus on something else.

Like WORK or something. Crazy, I know.

I totally get that his music had a "profound, magical influence" on the world and it CERTAINLY is toe-tapping and even I remember where I was when Cousin Rachel brought over her mom's Thriller album, but all this over-the-top mourning of the beauty of his spirit and shit blows my mind.

Seriously, it BLOWS MY MIND.

My mind: Blown.

He was fucked up in a million ways but none of that excuses his actions. I wouldn't go discussing this around the water cooler or anything but I don't mind telling you, Internet, that I think the world is a better place without him.

Small Concession: I do feel bad for his kids. And not just because they somehow ended up as his children, but because I'm sure he loved them and, based on Paris's speech, they loved him back.

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