Friday, July 24, 2009

Stuff I read today

It's Friday, I had a beast of a day at work yesterday so I'm chillaxing today. I can't string enough words together to justify a whole post so instead, here are some things that make me love the internet.

I know people who might think this is a good idea:

True story: I was sitting at my friend Christa's rehearsal dinner and the trainwreck wife of one of the groomsmen decided that THIS was the moment she wanted to overshare so she goes "WHO WANTS TO SEE MY UTERUS??" and whipped an ultrasound photo out of her purse. Except it wasn't even of a baby -- it was of a cyst or something. It's kind a bummer that chick and her husband have since divorced because the well of "OH MY GOD YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT MARNIE DID" stories has dried up.

If you've never had an Indian taco, you don't know what you're missing:

I can't imagine putting forth the effort to make the fry bread myself, but maybe one day. One of the biggest reasons to miss Burning Man is that I'm missing out of my annual Indian taco, which they sell all along the road to get there. I've never stopped for one on the way there, generally because we're full of HURRY UP AND GET THERE excitement but on the way out, it's $5 worth of the most delicious comfort food on the planet.

I love everything on this site, but here's a recent one:



These are ADORABLE and I'd totally try to make them but I GUARANTEE that I'd spend hours and hours trying to get them perfect only to fail and throw them away:

They're cakes, btw...not actual peaches.

This makes me want to run out and find a banana:


Mama Bree said...

the banana trick is the best! I'll have to try that next time I'm struggling to get one open before Logan has a meltdown! ;-)

Sara said...

Oh, the Marnie stories. I sure do miss those. Although not enough to wish that people close to us still had to put up with her.

Jordan said...

Remind me to email you a photo from a baby shower I attended this weekend...

Kristy said...

omg, EH - if you want to make fry bread, all you need to do is fry up some thawed out Rhoades Rolls dough. Take a roll or two, squish 'em up, roll 'em flat, and fry 'em up. You could probably do it in a frying pan with a little bit of oil rather than a deep fryer.

I'm salivating just thinking about it!