Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A bunch of nothing much

1. I will be 33 in 30 days.

2. I hope I get married before the only age-appropriate wedding attire is a tasteful cream suit.

3. If internet medicine is to be believed, I think I have pre-cancerous cells on my forehead and maybe also on my chest. It takes 700 years to get in to see a dermatologist though, so I hope I don't end up maybe-dying like that annoying Izzy on Grey's Anatomy.

3a. 33 more days until I have to admit to the dermatologist that I'm no stranger to the blistering sunburns.

Blistery, sticky, vomity sunburns. Mmmmmm.

4. The good news about probably not getting married until I'm too old to wear anything but a tasteful cream suit is that I won't be passing my butt white genes down to any children.

5. The white peach I'm eating tastes like chocolate. I usually get the yellow peaches so I'm not sure if this is just a fluke or if this is just what white peaches taste like.

6. I just cancelled my subscription for like the 75th time. I sent 13 e-mails in the last two weeks and only one responded, but even then I think he was just being polite. This is par for the course.

7. I've decided that I am for sure moving back to San Jose. I wasn't back at my apartment for more than an hour before I started looking for stuff to throw away. Moving sucks, but I do love the brutal pack-or-toss cleansing process.

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