Monday, April 6, 2009

Snowman Underpants

Okay so there was a big earthquake in Italy last night. I love me an earthquake as much as the next native Californian, but nobody likes to hear about bad earthquakes where towns crumble and people die. Especially when your brother and sister-in-law are in Spain and are fixin' to go to Italy tomorrow.

They'll be in Sorrento for three nights and then they'll be going to Rome for three nights and based on what I read on the US Embassy's website, they don't need to change their plans so it's all good in the hood. Well, for tourists anyway.

Ben called early this morning to check up on Dave (who is fine, but is totally bored with me and is clearly missing Ben & Sarah) and I asked him if he had heard about the earthquake. He hadn't, but being in non-English-speaking countries is like being in a bubble...the world continues to spin but the only English you see is the occasional signage for bathrooms or souvenirs.

When Joanie and I checked into our hotel in Venice the guy at the front desk told us that "USA! BOOM!"


And it wasn't until the next day when we shared a table at a cafe with a couple other Americans did we learn that there was an explosion at a power plant in New Mexico. Except that now, when I went Googling to see exactly what the heck it actually was, I think maybe it was a forest fire that threatened nuclear something-or-other at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I don't know though.

So anyway, the STRANGE thing is that after I talked to Ben I thought maybe I'd dreamed (dreamt?) it all up because I can't for the life of me figure out how I heard about it and knew to Google it on my phone sometime in the middle of the night. Except I didn't dream it -- it did actually happen, so I dunno. Maybe we have a psychic connection.


Fun Fact: I was doing laundry last night and they left a load of stuff in the dryer so I was folding it and discovered that Ben is still wearing snowman boxers. In April. So I safety pinned a note to them alerting him to the fact that they're seasonally inappropriate.

AND NOW THE WHOLE INTERNET KNOWS that my brother wears snowman underpants.

You're welcome Benny!

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Mama Bree said...


oh Ben - your sis is cruel, isn't she?

bwahhahahahahahaahhahaaha :-P