Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Before and After

I have two sets of befores and afters for ya:

Before my shower (but after boot camp):

After my shower:

If I lose my phone, whoever finds it will be able to identify me by my zillions of lobby mirror shots. I take pictures of most of my outfits because I am VAIN VAIN VAIN. Know your name.
This particular one makes me way to cry a little tear because there was a stain on that blouse that the dry cleaner couldn't get out so I figured I'd attack it with bleach because otherwise it was definitely a lost cause. I thought I had been successful and was ALL excited to wear my favorite summery blouse for the first time this season and then I got in the car and realized that not only was the stain still there, but the entire area that I'd spot-treated with bleach was now yellow. Awesome. It was so bad I couldn't even pretend that it wasn't there so I had to go back upstairs and put on a shirt I'm less in love with.




I'm on a mint julep kick these days. That there mug is 50% of a set I bought with Daniel one day when we were cruising the Catholic Charities shop in downtown Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlingame, I think it was. They're engraved with Norm and Marv's names on them and the date -- 7/14/73, I think.
We think it was the day they won their bowling tourament. Must have been.

Also seen here:

Now it's time for me to go to a meeting where people ask me questions about things I'm surprised they think I have any authority on. I do and all, but in my head I'm 15 years old and I'm totally faking it.
And later? My first time back at a Weight Watchers meeting in over a year. Oh dear.


Mama Bree said...

LOVE the "after" pumps and gold bling-y purse - yeeehaw! sucks about the blouse, I feel ya there. I've gotten in the habit of either dressing crappy for work, because I tote a toddler to school on the way into work and if I wear anything nice, it inevitably gets stained. or, just risking messing up some nice clothes. *sigh*

I also really like those mugs - super cool. :)

Mama Bree said...

oh yeah, I totally feel like I'm faking it at work too. :) will that feeling that we are just kids and don't know what the hell others are talking about, ever go away? I doubt it. ;-)

Steph said...

I have never had a mint julep! But now I think I must change that...... Good thing I'm writing out my grocery list right now

Elizabeth said...

@ Bree - I don't buy the "dressing crappy" thing -- I meant to tell you when I saw you at the Dooce thing, but I really liked that sweater you were wearing.

And I call that purse The Unity Purse because it is the tackiest damn thing ever in the history of the world but I get SO MANY compliments on it. It unites the world!

@ Steph -- I don't know that I'd ever recommend the mint julep to anyone because it's not as soft and girly as it sounds, but if you're not afraid of a little bourbon, then give it a shot! Note, I think I add more simple syrup to mine than hardcore MJ drinkers (I did one oz SS to two oz booze). Also -- I steeped several stalks of mint in my simple syrup overnight, as suggested in one of the recipes I found, but I don't know how hardcore that is.

Sarah said...

I want those shoes and I want them now!