Thursday, April 30, 2009


Things That Bug Me:

1. "The net-net is this..."

My brother loves to say "The fact of the matter is..." but I like my brother so it doesn't bug me so much as distract me from what the fact of the matter actually is. The guy in the cube next to me likes to say "The net-net is this" 75,489 times per conversation.

2. "I'm out of pocket."

This doesn't bother me when it's used CORRECTLY, as in, "I had to pay for that myself," but OH MY GOD people around this company REGULARLY use it to mean "unavailable." Like, "Are you going to be out of pocket during your vacation?"


Urban Dictionary agrees with me:

Paid from personal funds. Somehow over the past half year or so, "out of pocket" has become a new business catchphrase meaning "unreachable, out of communication", which is incorrect.

1 comment:

sally said...

Out of That is way worse than "wheels up". Why can't they talk like normal people?????