Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting my hair did.

You know how when you clean your house you often make it worse before you make it better? If you're doing it right, anyway. I know Joan knows what I'm talking about. Well when getting your own self beautified you also have to make it worse before you make it better:

After I got my hairs did I went out for sushi with Ben and Sarah. It was after 7 by the time I got there and they're both totally jet lagged so I offered a rain check but their goal for the evening was to stay up until 9 (WATCH OUT!) so we went out anyway.

This particular sushi boat moves FAST so that, plus the fact that poor ol' Sarah was t-i-r-e-d meant that by the time she got her arm up in the air, her roll of choice had already ZOOMED by.

Fun Fact:

Going to a sushi boat with Ben and Sarah is not advisable because they end up with a stack of five measly plates COMBINED and you feel like a major OINKER for the six plates in front of you. I will say that I think six plates at a sushi boat is NOTHING compared to the plate towers other people build, but it still made me very self conscious.

When I was still on speaking terms with WWBF we'd go for sushi all the time and I don't know how he did it but I SWEAR half of his plates would end up in MY stack. No biggie because YOU KNOW I WAS PAYING FOR IT ALL ANYWAY except that believe me when I say that I'm SURE it was a subconscious (or maybe just passive aggressive, now that I think about it) Weight Watcher move. (And I guess this is where I should explain that I met him at Weight Watchers, for those of you who weren't around for that roller coaster.)


I think I might want this cake pan:

The main problem though is that it looks like a WALL of cake and that doesn't appeal to me because, you know, cake is useless without frosting.

Thanks for the link, Jordy.

On the agenda for the weekend:

1. Hot date with Tony & John! We're gonna cross another item off the list of 100 things to try in SF before we die. Possibly #43.

2. Drag queen brunch for Sarah's birthday! We'll be brunching with two pregnant chicks and one of them is pretty close to her due date so we all need to cross our fingers that she doesn't go into labor before Sunday because we're past the cancel-by date so we'll have to pay for her anyway. DAMN HER for not considering the drag queens while planning her family. Sheesh.

2a. And no, I'm not talking about the birth of my future niece or nephew. That one still gets 9 more weeks of cookin' time. S/he did, by the way, kick my hand the other day. My hand was on L's belly at the time, so it's to be expected and all, but it was still a strange experience.



Mama Bree said...

I can't tell if that first pic of you is with your NEW SHORT HAIR or not...?!?! You gotta post another one up for us to see the results! :)

totally know what you mean about the sushi plate thing - that happens to me too - all the time! oh well - sushi is yummy. :)

Jordan said...

I do have to admit, you'd make a cute baked potato.

And you're welcome. I had some initial concerns about the cake to icing ratio. I looked at the pic a little harder and the perspective seems that, while it is a gigantic cupcake, it is not a 100% cake size. Plus? It could be remedied with more frosting on the side. Or, we could find a way to fill the innards with more icing and/or chocolate!

Kristy said...

The cake/frosting ratio could be solved by slicing it across and making layers that you could stuff with frosting (or something else equally delicious!) ...

I've seen that pan, too, and really want it! But, I already have lots of useless stuff taking up room in my kitchen. Bah!