Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I do not love bacon in ALL forms.

I said I didn't want this blog to be about bacon because I think the whole OMG BACON ON EVERYTHING INCLUDING BAND-AIDS AND SHOES AND DENTAL FLOSS AND BOOZE thing kinda jumped the shark and I never intended for the whole "Elizabeth Loves Bacon" thing to be a THEME...just a statement of fact.

So anyway, no bacon lamp shades or wallets or whatever for me, but I DO have two bacon-related items to report:

1. I do not like bacon doughnuts. Carrie and I went to Dynamo Donuts in search of a spiced chocolate (or chocolate spice?) doughnut so I could cross #54 off my list but they didn't have any. FAIL. But they did have the bacon doughnuts so I tried one of those.

I've had bacon pancakes before and they were awesome so I figured that a bacon doughnut with maple frosting would be even better because seriously, fry ANYTHING and it's better.

But no. Not these babies:

It was just very blah. SO blah, in fact, that I put the rest of the doughnut back into the bag and suggested that we go to REAL brunch instead. So we did.

2. I will be making bacon caramel corn sometime soon. I hate cooking bacon at home because I can't stand the smell that lingers, but I think this popcorn might be worth it. Full report later.


Sarah said...

It may be that I am so very sick or that the donut pictured is so very disgusting-or both, but one look at that bacon donut almost made me hurl all over my home row keys

tracey said...

have you had the
mo's bacon bar by vosges? i like it. a lot.