Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3D Technology

This post in one of the blogs I read is about the different 3D glasses necessary for different applications and I was reminded of a similar conversation my family had during the Superbowl -- half of us with our superbowl-related 3D glasses on while the other half waited for their turn (another reason Tivo is awesome). My dad commented that someone should sell non-throw-away 3D glasses because, I guess, you never know when a 3D viewing opportunity will arise.

Well Dad, we are clearly 3D novices because my suggestion that you go out and make your millions on non-throw-away 3D glasses was a bad one -- I had no idea there was more than one color combo for 3D glasses...but now, thanks to the magic of the internet, I know we'll never be millionaires.

Because of our non-throw-away 3D glasses business, anyway.

But anyway, this gives me reason enough to tell another 3D glasses realted story from the Superbowl:

Toward the end of the second quarter my brother Andrew jumped up and ran out to his car and returned with a page of punch-out 3D glasses and frantically started trying to separate them in time for the half-time 3D commerical bonanza. He sucked at this, by the way, but I think it's because he didn't grow up punching paper dolls and alllllllll of their clothing (with alllllllllllllllllllllllllll those little holder-onner-tabs on them) out of paper doll books. His Star Wars toys came pre-clothed, and all.

(But OMG I had this one paper doll who had a magnet in her torso and the clothes just stuck to her and I LOVED her even though her fringed denim catsuits and long, floral, hippie dresses weren't as stylish as my Barbie paper doll clothes. Even her hair was out of date -- Barbie had her BIG! GIANT! BLONDE! HAIR! and this doll's hair was long and brown and straight and parted down the middle...but maaaan, that's one thing from my childhood that I wish I'd kept.)

So after 75 hours, he handed the first pair of glasses over to my mom who commented that the left side said LEFT and the right side said RIGHT and I was like "Uhhh...I'd think the ear straps would be the main indicators that I had them on right, DUH."

OR SO YOU'D THINK, anyway.

Because once the 3D commercial came on my mom said that it didn't look very 3D to her and it took her several seconds to realize HER GLASSES WERE ON BACKWARDS.

And then when we handed off the glasses and rewound the commercials for others to see and my brother did the same damn thing.

I'm sure it's just that the ear straps got folded the wrong way, but it cracks me up to think of my mom wearing 3D glasses in the first place, so my mom wearing backwards 3D glasses is AWESOME.

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