Friday, February 13, 2009

3 down, 97 to go.

Okay so I'm OBSESSED with making progress on the list of 100 things to try in SF before you die.

I'm up to three so far:

#92. The bacon-wrapped hot dog, which I already blahblahblah'd about.

#60. The Brass Monkey (sausage, feta and spinach pizza) at Little Star Pizza, which was super tasty but was also part of a lovely night out with Tony and John. We decided that we were gonna race to the finish with this list and so far, I think I'm in second place which is shameful because I believe I've lived in SF longer than John has.

#44. A cannele from one of the Bay Bread locations. It was something I'd NEVER have tried otherwise (a cake without frosting holds ZERO appeal) but it was so good that I've since been back for a SECOND one and I keep thinking that I'll have to pick one up for my mom one of these days because I think she'd like it.

And after this weekend I'll have a few more notches on my belt:

#88. Buckwheat crepe and a French cider at Ti Couz. I've eaten here before but I don't believe I've ever had a buckwheat crepe or a French cider so guess what I'm having for dinner tonight when I meet up with my old pal Santa Amy Lou? They also have French onion soup and I've never tried theirs, but A) I LOVE French onion soup and B) doesn't French onion soup sound fantastic on a cold, rainy night??

#76. Chicken hash at Ella's. I brunched at Ella's back before I even moved to SF but chicken hash is another one of those things I'd never consider ordering. I'm gonna order it anyway because I love crossing things off lists and I can't help myself. Plus, Sarah and Laurina are coming into the city to see me tomorrow and Ella's is a popular brunch spot so why not cross something off my list at the same time?

#54. Spiced-chocolate doughnut at Dynamo Donut with a Four Barrel coffee. My TV currently requires the viewer to turn it on and off somewhere between 11 and 15 times before it will stay on (it used to be only 2-3's getting worse) and Carrie has a spare TV that she's trying to unload because she doesn't want to deal with the digital TV conversion thing and she's kind enough to hand it down to ME (because if you've priced TVs these days you know the days of the $300 TV are GONE GONE GONE). Sooooo, we're gonna swap out the TVs on Sunday and then haul mine down to the electronics recycling center and somewhere in there we're gonna go get us some doughnuts and coffee!

Fun fact: This place also offers BACON doughnuts. And lemon-thyme doughnuts. It's gonna be a doughnut bonanza.

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