Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wedding. Finally.

Okay so FINALLY, it's the big day. I get up, I cry, I break the shower, I cry, the front desk sends the maintenance guy up, I cry, they tell me there aren't any empty rooms for me to shower in, I cry and conveniently freak the maintenance guy out enough that he runs down the hall to find a room that was being cleaned, I wait until the housekeeper cleans the bathroom, I shower down the hall from all my stuff, and cry again.

Seriously. It was ridiculous, but I was trying to get it all out.

Except then my mascara wand broke and OH MY GOD I cried again. Seriously. A girl doesn't not need broken mascara ANY day, much less when she has to stand up in front of a bunch of people and hope that they are so distracted by her dazzling eyes that they don't notice her fat arms in a strapless dress.

So blah blah blah about the crying. It continued pretty much all day long until the irritation of being stranded at the church and the eventual getting-lost-again ride in the backseat smooshed against my two aunts snapped me out of it. Just assume that if you see a picture of anything before, during or immediately following the wedding, I was probably either currently losing my shit or trying to CEASE losing my shit and that I wasn't particularly successful.

Anyway, Hillary was a better bridesmaid than I was because I was too busy trying to not sweat and not cry to help Sarah get into her rig:

Jesus was there!

My mom and Ninny arrive at the church...and let me just say, that for two Brits, they're AWFULLY afraid of a few rain drops:

Sarah's aunt did the flowers:

And the perfectionist in me LOVED that they included the same flowers that I picked for the shower!

Here I am with my signature HEY WHAT'S UPPPPPPPPPPP open-mouthed self portrait shot:

I haven't seen the official pictures yet and our little point-n-shoot cameras weren't cutting the mustard, but you get the gist:

Ben and his posse look EVIL:

With the dads:

My parents await the marriage of their favorite child:

Cute couple:

Tammy, Big Andrew and Little Andrew:

My mom kickin' it with Janessa and The Pouch:

My brother's friend's son A) is adorable and B) travels with his own security paint roller. He used to love his spatula or something, if I recall correctly:

My mom with her babies:

Sarah with all the mens:


My favorite picture of my brothers, maybe ever:

Samantha and Andrew are very excited about leftovers:

Kenny hardly ever smiles so LOOK NOW because I'm sure he'll want me to take it down once he sees this:

Morven and I enjoy VIP seating at the after party:

Annnnnnnnd, that's about it. There's a picture of Kenny and Evan passing out in bed together but I don't have it so I can't post it, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't because I care about maintaining positive family relations.


All in all, my trip was AWESOME and the wedding was beautiful, even if I was an emotional M-E-S-S.



Sarah said...

aaaand I barely avoided spitting out my tea while I read: "Jesus was there!"

Rachael said...

your brothers are hotties!!! damn them for being snatched up haha

Elizabeth said...

@Rachael: I'm totally telling Gus!

Mama Bree said...

Yay Ben!! What a wonderful day - everyone looks so beautiful and agreed with Rachael, the boys look hot, or maybe I should say handsome since it's a little weird calling them hot. ;-)

*hugs* to all....