Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Update

1. My carpool posse (I think I forgot to report here that we've been joined by a third person) and I were driving home last night and a Tori Amos song came on and we were discussing which album it was from (and I'm horrified that I actually have any knowledge in this category) and I remembered that OMG! One of the magical things my phone can do that I don't even bother trying to understand is that it will tell me what song is playing! So I busted it out and proved myself wrong -- it was not from Tori's Little Earthquakes album.

The boys were FASCINATED with the magic of it all and they spent like 30 minutes discussing how it worked and asking me to tag new songs. It must be listening to lyrics. No, because the sample it took from that last song was before the words started. It must be picking up a radio feed from the radio station. No, because it worked when I tagged a song I heard on Jon Stewart last night.

They just couldn't accept that it was MAGIC.

Those of you on Danielle's latest CD exchange can thank the magic for helping me identify two songs that I'm listening to on HEAVY rotation and that will also be included on my contribution.

2. I'm wearing white pants today and I'm really unsure as to whether or not I am seasonally appropriate. I'm wearing them with a brown v-neck sweater, animal print heels and gold accessories, but I'm concerned I look like I don't know that it's autumn. What Would Clinton Kelly Say? WWCKS? I wouldn't dare wear them except that I bought them in late September and they weren't even a clearance item. FASHUNS ARE TRICKY BUSINESS!

3. If I still worked at PG&E today would be a holiday. Bah. On the upside, traffic, or the lack of traffic I guess, was fantastic this morning.

4. Tiger needs your good thoughts:

Carrie's checkbook does too. Yikes.

5. My parents ILLEGALLY smuggled apples from Sarah's dad's farm in Iowa back to California and now my dad is going to try to grow the seeds out here. I think it's kind of awesome for reasons I can't really define, but here's a blurry picture of the ILLEGAL apples:

And for the record, my mom said that the agricultural checkpoint guy didn't even ask them if they had any fruit with them, so she didn't LIE, but I'm sure that if I think hard enough, I can come up with an example of how I got in trouble as a kid for non-disclosure. HOW CONVENIENT FOR YOU NOW, MOM! Heh.

6. My friend Carey said that her #1 favorite sandwich of all time was peanut butter, mayonnaise and Lawry's seasoned salt. This isn't the first time I've heard freaky reports of the deliciousness of peanut butter and mayo, but SEASONED SALT? So I waited until I had some bread and then I busted out all the ingredients and gave it a shot:

I only made a small piece and I probably should have used two sides of bread because the salt on my teeth was kinda ick, but all in all, it wasn't half bad:

She said I should try it with a tomato too, but I think the above research was sufficient. I get why, if you grew up with it, someone might love it, but I don't think I'll be getting into the habit.

7. I cooked something! Pancetta, French Lentil & Spinach Risotto, specifically. It was pretty good, but it was better as leftovers (and after I added more salt).

Cooking the pancetta:

The onions, shallots, garlic & leeks:

It smelled fantastic:

I love risotto but all the standing around and being patient and stirring KILLS me:

But in the end it was delicious and Weight Watcher friendly:


Lizzie said...

#1 makes me laugh because I was just hanging out with my friend Amy and the band she's touring with, and one of the band guys has that feature on his phone and was going around making everyone sing songs and seeing if it could identify it. It couldn't, in most cases. I think one person got it. That can be your next car game.

7. Here is where I admit more of my nerdiness - with the standing around and stirring, I usually just stand there with a book.

Sara said...

NPR had a story last night about the iPhone app that IDs songs. Apparently, the program picks up a digital tag that is embedded in all commercially produced music (so it won't work on live music).

Sarah said...

oh no what is wrong with Tiger?

Lauren Marie said...

That sandwich ..... That's just wrong.

sally said...

1. PLEASE tell me the heavy rotation songs are not Tori Amos.

2. I am southern so I have to abstain from voicing an opinion. You know we have rules about this. ;-)

5. My mom got busted with illegal fruits...we didn't MEAN to. We went grocery shopping when we lived in CA and must have gone to a different county. We hit a check point on the freeway because of a FRUIT FLY INVASION. They tossed our fruit.

6. WOW. I would have just taken their word for it.

Jordan said...

1. I want! What is the technology called? And, fyi, I will admit to being uncool and liking some Tori. Raspberry Swirl would be my fave of her's.

I wanna know what songs are on the rotation. Is that cheating?

2. White white or winter white?

4. Love to Tiger and Tiger's Mama and Tiger's Mama's wallet.

6. My brother ate caro syrup and peanut butter sammiches. Neither your friend's nor my brother's sammich sound tasty.

Rachael said...

White pants in fall are still okay, especially since you JUST bought them. And you accessorized and coordinated with the right colors :)
I can never find a good pair of white pants, so I always settle for the super light khakis.

PS - that risotto looks tasty! I'm doing WW now, did you create the recipe yourself?