Friday, August 28, 2009

Only Child

1. It occurs to me that I think it's kind of weird that Baby doesn't have a twin. I mean, my brothers are special snowflakes in that they're natural twins and I know that's rare-ish and all and I don't really even think of my brothers as TWINS...more like brothers who were born on the same day...yet I was just re-watching a video of Baby for the umpteenth time and I went "Whoa! He doesn't have a Ben!"

Poor Baby.

2. Speaking of Ben: Ben, Sarah and I are flying to LA tonight so we can show Sarah that yes, she picked the best half of California and that no, the other half is not as glamorous as she thinks it will be.

I'm going to flaunt my Northern California-ness by refusing to add a "the" to the beginning of a freeway name.

The sightseeing is not our only reason for visiting though. My parents are driving down tomorrow so we can all (minus Andrew & family) attend my cousin Farah's wedding. Except that she ACTUALLY got married in NY a couple of weeks ago so this is the California shin-dig.


Humidity does not suit me.

3. That's all I have for you today, Internet.


Steph said...

ROFL! Okay the freeway name thing. I had NO CLUE that it was really a northern/southern CA divide. I'm from Bakersfield, okay hardly southern (but we do get the disneyland discount, so that makes it official, clearly), but we do say THE 680 and THE 5. And a partner at my work totally called me out on it.

It's hard to break though since I've been saying it like that my entire life.

Have fun in LA!

Elizabeth said...

If you say "the" in the 'Field, then it's FOR SURE southern CA. And OMG you've lived in the correct half (um, THIS ONE) for long enough to know better!

For shame.

Mama Bree said...

make sure you also throw in a "hella" or two. REPRESENT!

(I can't type that last word without hearing my brother say it in some silly gang banger "low" voice and hitting their chests really hard or something) ;-P