Monday, May 11, 2009

Not quite a marathon runner, but getting there...

I keep meaning to write a post about how much my mood has improved over the last couple of months and how, whenever I emerge from a funk, I'm surprised at just how much happier and energetic I am. My funks don't tend to be frequent or blatantly obvious, (this last one was lengthy because of my extended unemployment followed by months of uncertainty when I finally did get a job) but when they're over I want to run down the street in a pretty dress as I say good morning to strangers and exclaim that IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY to anyone who will listen.

So I keep meaning to write that post but it's just not coming out so instead I'll give you an example of the non-funk Elizabeth in action:
I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and didn't have to work until 9AM so I thought about going to the gym or maybe going up to Crissy Field to test my time running a mile but then I realized that OH! It's only 7AM, which means that it's late enough for the sun to be up but not so late the the Golden Gate Bridge would be overrun with tourists! I'M GONNA GO RUN ACROSS IT!

So I did.

We used to run the bridge at boot camp but then we got a new coach and she wasn't hot on that, so we didn't do it anymore. My previous bridge "runs" have been run/walks that K-I-L-L-E-D me (I've only been able to run a whole mile without stopping since about this time last year and I haven't really worked on increasing my distance) and because I've always been pressed for time, I've aimed for the Marin County line, which is right at the second tower.

I'm pleased as punch to report that I ran the whole way to Marin yesterday morning and really, I could have kept going to complete the whole bridge but I had to get back home in time for my 9AM work thing. I'm not exactly sure how far that was, but the bridge is 1.7 miles and the Marin County line seems to be about 3/4 of the way across. If I'm guessing correctly, this would have been my longest run without stopping ever! I walked back and all, but shoot -- BABY STEPS!

Next time: Run the WHOLE THING!

My morning in pictures, AKA If the Bridge is this Beautiful in Camera Phone Pictures, Imagine How Beautiful it is in Real Life:


Mama Bree said...

wow, that's super cool Elizabeth! I absolutely HATE running - I could never do that. :)

LOVE the pics too!

Danielle said...

FAT AND FIT! That is awesome! And those pictures are gorgeous.