Saturday, January 3, 2009

My San Francisco To Do List

So now that I'm officially moving out of SF in 2009, there's more pressure to do the things I've always wanted to do, but never got around to. I started a list of things to do in the city while I was unemployed and I did a whole bunch of them:

The unchecked items include:

I did most of the things I actually crossed off my list in my early retirement days. By the time I hit summer, I started to sink into a funk and motivating myself to get out and about was really difficult, but I did knock out a few more City Walks right before I started back to work.

So that second set of bullets? I WILL accomplish before I move. I dunno when that is, exactly, but I'm guessing it'll be late summer / early fall.

I'm angling to move into Joanie's old cottage in Campbell, but there's someone living there now so we all have to cross our fingers that Chuck's current tenant moves her ass after June but before, say, November. I have no reason to believe that she will, but I've been laying awake at night thinking about how awesome it would be to live there -- it's a teeny tiny two bedroom free-standing granny cottage type place, but with TONS of storage and a washer and dryer and it would be like my own little house...and ever since Ben and Sarah moved into their little house, I'm DYING to stretch my legs and have a house with a driveway and a yard.

And seriously? Is this was 32-year-olds fantasize about? Storage and washers and dryers?

You bet.

And OMG if the universe smiles down on me and I DO get to move into that little house?!!?? GUESS WHO VOLUNTEERS TO HOST CINCO DE MAYO 2010?!?!?!

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sally said...

Oh that would be awesome if you moved into the House of Love!