Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Spirit in a Box

You know who is MADE OF AWESOME? Cupcake Kari, that's who.

I was having a craptastic day, for no real reason, which made it that much MORE frustrating. I hate crappy days that can't blame on anything specific. So I was all wah wah wah all freaking day and I cried off all my makeup by lunchtime and I was going to go meet Carrie for a drink but then wah wah wah decided that no, that would be too hard. Wah wah wah.

But guess what came in the mail for me yesterday?? A surprise box of goodies from Kari! Her note was awesome and it made me want to fly my ass out to the Berkshires and PINCH HER for being such a great friend with such excellent timing.

The box was filled with candles and wine glasses and picture frames and the most awesome wine cork thing that I've ever seen AND presents for Carrie, Tiger and Dave, but you know what else was in there? And it feels totally geigh for me to even type this sentence, but it's true: MY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. And also? My sanity.

So I took my refreshed attitude and makeupless face over to Carrie's to deliver the UNICORN COAT HOOKS and the little mice that creeped me out but that Tiger L-O-V-E-D:

And then we drank some wine and all was right with the world.

A million thank yous to Kari. xoxo.

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