Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I sometimes listen to the country station when the other stations on my pre-set are oozing too much Dave Matthews or Coldplay. So shoot me.

So today I was driving back from lunch and one of those awesomely horrible story songs came on. They usually involve a father dancing with his daughter at her wedding and reminiscing about how small she was the day she was born or how proud he was the day she first walked or blah blah get the drift...schmaltzy stuff that probably shoots straight to the top of father/daughter dance song lists.

But today...ohhhhhhhhhh was awesome. I was listening to this song and I seriously, really, and truly started lolling:

Here's the summary of Bucky Covington's (of American Idol fame!) new hot hit:

* Boy and girl get in a fight after the prom.

* Girl gets out of the car and says I'LL WALK.

* Girl gets hit by a car. (It was dark, her dress was black...I SAW IT COMING, BUCKY!)

* Girl's legs are paralyzed but says I'LL WALK.

* Boy and girl continue dating, wheelchair and all.

* Boy and girl get engaged.

* Father starts to push girl down aisle, girl stops and says I'LL WALK.


Oh dear GOD.


sally said...

I don't know this song! It sounds worse than Alyssa Lies, the feel good song of the year about a kid that gets BEAT TO DEATH by her mamma and daddy!

Bucky cured paralysis with country!

skaggsgirl said...

The song DOES pull at my heartstrings since my brother is in leg braces and walks with a cane. :)

But I hate Bucky Covington so I can get over it pretty quickly.

However if you're a daddy's girl NEVER listen to You Can Let Go Now Daddy by Crystal Shawanda. Yes, that's her name. I lol'd too. But seriously. Youtube it and you'll be bawling like a baby.

Danielle said...

Okay, seriously PHOTO OF A BRIDE IN A WHEELCHAIR?! I don't know who's worse, the guy that wrote the song or the schmuck that put that video together.

Sarah said...

wow...for reals? Country music has reached a new low